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Exchange Traded Products

ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) are secured, bearer debt securities that do not earn interest (bonds). These products are not subject to the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA) and as such, are not supervised by FINMA.

World Indices
DAX 3011967.40-0.98%
FTSE MIB23065.92-0.84%
FTSE 1006812.08-1.15%
STOXX Europe 50®3441.49-0.58%
EURO STOXX 50®3699.58-0.76%
NASDAQ Comp.4947.441.15%
S&P 5002086.241.22%
Nikkei 22519206.99-1.05%
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Hedged Aluminium (CHF)CHF22.01.2013
Hedged Corn (CHF)CHF22.01.2013
Hedged Cotton (CHF)CHF22.01.2013
Hedged Nickel (CHF)CHF22.01.2013
Hedged Platinum (CHF)CHF22.01.2013
Hedged Wheat (CHF)CHF22.01.2013
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