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Tap into the market potential with our active Exchange Traded Funds

SIX Swiss Exchange's active ETFs provide you with the benefits of both a secure financial instrument as well as a flexible investment solution. They allow you to easily achieve your investment goals and tap into market potential.

Active ETFs provide investors with a way of more broadly diversifying investor risk, responding quickly to current market trends and utilizing opportunities to generate a profit. As is the case with passive ETFs, active ETFs offer you all the benefits of trading on an exchange, such as security, transparency and high liquidity.

Outperform the index

The active management of ETFs based on the decisions taken by the portfolio manager enables the product composition to be continually adjusted, with the aim of outperforming the benchmark. This means that your investment strategy is optimized and diversified on an ongoing basis. You can always rely on us to provide the right product for your investment strategy.

ETF Product Providers & Market Maker