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Special life-sciences Indices enhance visibility

The two sector indices - SXI LIFE SCIENCES® and SXI Bio+Medtech® give the industry greater visibility in the financial market and have a positive impact on liquidity. The maximum weighting of any given stock is limited to 10%, which gives greater prominence to small- and medium-sized companies.

The SXI LIFE SCIENCES® index comprises companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology areas, while its sub-index - the SXI Bio+Medtech® - focuses solely on bio- and medtech companies. Both are open to Swiss and foreign companies alike and since their initial calculation in December 1999 the two indices have also turned in impressive performances on an international comparison.

More on the life science indices.

Sector weightings Swiss Performance
Index (SPI®)

SXI Bio+Medtech® performance comparison

Source: SIX Swiss Exchange, December 2009