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Switzerland as a Financial Marketplace – a potent network

The attractiveness of Switzerland as a business location is a consequence of the interplay between numerous, mutually enhancing factors:

Location-specific attributes - such as the ease of access to public authorities and availability of highly qualified workers - have a favorable influence on the Swiss financial center, which, thanks to its international links and smoothly functioning capital market, adds to the attractiveness of Switzerland as hub for business activities.

Pure and simple economic factors also play a significant role in a company's choice of location. An internationally oriented and potent capital market with a world-class securities exchange - elements that Switzerland most certainly affords - are extremely important for companies that seek to finance their growth and secure their long-term prosperity.

Switzerland has the highest per-capita density of bio- and medtech companies in the world. The reason for that can be found in decades of fruitful interaction between the venerable Swiss pharmaceutical/biotech/medtech industry and the locally based financial institutions.

Steeped in century-old tradition, the financial services sector is heavily represented on SIX Swiss Exchange and constitutes around 20% of the total market capitalization of the Swiss Performance Index SPI®.

Added value of a listing

Find out more about the advantages of the Swiss financial center and the added value of a listing on SIX Swiss Exchange in our latest film.

Extensive advice and support

"Going Public on SIX Swiss Exchange" is a publication from the stock exchange, which will provide potential issuers with a practical guide containing all the information they need to know. We also offer additional informative and supporting publications on the advantages of the Swiss financial center and SIX Swiss Exchange.