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14.02.2017 Investors

Data Supplier for the "SP Portfolio Optimizer" App

SIX Structured Products Exchange supplies the data for the industry association's newly launched "SP Portfolio Optimizer" app.

The Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA), working in close collaboration with swissQuant, has developed the customized "SP Portfolio Optimizer" app, which shows investors and customer advisors the added value of having structured products in the portfolio in a simple and understandable way. The customer portfolio is illustrated both visually and statistically. Users of the app can simulate various model portfolios with different market scenarios, both historically and with current values and prices. Simulating a wide range of complex scenarios results in a transfer of knowledge, which, in turn, helps make the use of structured products easier to understand.

Overview of the app's key features:

  • Analyze real structured products with real data in the portfolio
  • Improve returns and manage risks
  • Compare the impact on the portfolio
  • Select real sector and index assets
  • Choose listed structured products

The "SP Portfolio Optimizer" is currently based on the five main types of the Swiss Derivative Map[pdf] and comprises some 1'000 structured products that can all be traded with SIX Structured Products.

The Association's declared aim is to set an industry standard with the new app. SIX Structured Products Exchange is delighted to support this initiative of the Association as a data supplier.

The "SP Portfolio Optimizer" can be downloaded free for iPads from the App Store.

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