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Structured Products Advisory Board

The Structured Products Advisory Board (SPAB) is an advisory panel of SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd in which representatives from the trading participants hold seats. The SPAB is supplemented by selected employees of SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd. Topics of relevance to the Exchange are the focus of discussion and are addressed thoroughly at the quarterly SPAB meetings.

Members of the Structured Products Advisory Board (status as of October 2015)

Chairman André Buck
Head Sales
SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd
Vice Chairman Christoph Schuler
Head Structured Products Product Management
SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd
Members Dominique Böhler
Head of Public Distribution Switzerland

Philippe Ehlers
Head of Swiss Equity Derivatives Trading

Curdin Summermatter
Head Sales Structured Products
Zürcher Kantonalbank

Bruno Mathis
Head Client Advisory
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

Peter Keller
Head Operations & Standards

Valentin Vonder Mühll
Head Structured Products Trading
Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG

Philipp Schubert
International Trading Solutions / Structured Products
Credit Suisse AG

René Ziegler
Head Product Documentation and Services
Leonteq AG

Jürg Schwab
Head of Trading
Swissquote Bank AG

Markus Pfister
Head Financial Products Engineering & Development
Bank Vontobel AG