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Trading guides

Les Trading Guides explicitent les règlements applicables au négoce à l'intention des participants.

Description à compter du Download
Trading Guide SIX Swiss Exchange (Version complète) 01.01.2018
Business Day Overview02.05.2017
Market Model Overview23.10.2017
Trading Period Overview07.04.2014
Order Type and Validity Overview01.01.2018
Product Guide - Equity Market01.01.2018
Product Guide - Bond Market01.01.2018
Product Guide - Fund Market and Other Financial Products01.01.2018
Product Guide - Structured Products Market01.01.2018
Product Guide - Trading without pre-trade transparency01.01.2018
Price Step Overview (Tick Sizes)01.01.2018
Trade Types & Flags01.01.2018
Deferred Publication Thresholds and Delays01.01.2018
SWXess - On Order Book Functionality01.01.2018
SWXess - Off Order Book Functionality23.10.2017
Emergency Deletions01.01.2018
Trading Calendar 201701.01.2017
Trading Calendar 201801.01.2018
Reporting Guide01.01.2018