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The chart-tool give you access to comprehensive market data, performance figures and important technical indicators.

Currency Converter

Use the Currency Converter to convert amounts into other currencies the easy way.

Currency Exchange Rates
Gain an overview of the key currencies and find out the latest exchange rate for any cross you desire.
Heat Map
By means of an user interface, the Heat Map depicts the industries, sectors and individual shares included in the SLI. You can use this tool to gain an overview of the Swiss equities market.
Yield Curves

Invest systematically: find out here whether or not a bond pays good interest by comparing it with exchange rate levels in a given country.

Bond Calculator

Calculate bond yields and find out which are more profitable.

Wealth Calculator
Plan your assets over the next few years using the Wealth Calculator.
Learn step by step how to use the smart analysis tools and the search functions. Easy to follow tutorials provide a comprehensive introduction.