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Change of stop trading range

Due to price developments, the stop trading range of the below securities did change. No orders will be deleted from the order books as a result.

Security ISINSymbolStop Trading Range Date of change
previous new
UNISYSUS9092143067UISVolatile (10% / 5min)Shares (2% / 5min) Foreign01.06.2018
TORNOS NCH0011607683TOHNVolatile (10% / 5min)Shares (2% / 15min) Swiss03.04.2018
ASMALLWORLD NCH0404880129ASWNVolatile (10% / 5min)Shares (2% / 15min) Swiss03.04.2018
AIROPACK TECHNOLOGY GROUP NCH0242606942AIRNShares (2% / 15min) SwissVolatile (10% / 5min)01.02.2018