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SIX Swiss Exchange Messages

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22/201726.04.2017 Change of trading segments due to the extraordinary index review
21/201724.04.2017 Index adjustments in conjunction with the takeover of Actelion Ltd
20/201721.04.2017 Neonet Securities AB
19/201721.04.2017 Nomura International plc
18/201720.04.2017 Changes to Price Step Group as of 2 May 2017
17/201706.04.2017 BSI SA - membership cancellation | EFG Bank AG - additional technical infrastructure
16/201728.03.2017 Merger by absorption of SIX Structured Products Exchange Ltd into SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd
15/201720.03.2017 Changes to Price Step Group as of 3 April 2017
14/201715.03.2017 KTM Industries AG: Addition to the SPI Index Family
13/201710.03.2017 SPI Multi Premia Index Family adjustments on the occasion of the ordinary index review
12/201710.03.2017 SPI Select Dividend 20 index adjustments on the occasion of the ordinary index review
11/201703.03.2017 SIX Swiss Exchange recognizes TRADEcho from London Stock Exchange as a Trade Data Monitor
10/201703.03.2017 SIX Swiss Exchange recognizes BATS Trading Ltd as a Trade Data Monitor
09/201728.02.2017 Amendment of issuing fees
08/201727.02.2017 SWXess Maintenance Release 6.1 (SMR6.1)
07/201722.02.2017 Changes to Price Step Group / Stop Trading Range as of 1 March 2017
06/201730.01.2017 Launch Customized Index Ethos Swiss Corporate Governance
05/201725.01.2017 Changes to Price Step Group as of 1 February 2017
04/201717.01.2017 SWXess Maintenance Release 6 - Post Release (SMR6p) - Regulations
03/201716.01.2017 Extension of Clearing Services on SIX Swiss Exchange
02/201712.01.2017 Market Wizards B.V. - Commencement of trading on SIX Swiss Exchange
01/201712.01.2017 Extension of "SIX Swiss Exchange Liquidnet Service" (SLS) market coverage