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Volume and Turnover

Large off-order book bond trades are often subject to the delayed publication regime (DP regime) and are thus only published the next day. Volume and turnover published under the delayed publication regime are accordingly available in the "T-1 DP reports" column. Volume and turnover data in the "T-1 DP Reports" column refer thus to trades executed during the previous trading day. For further details, please refer to SIX Swiss Exchange Message 32/2005[pdf].

Date / TimeDescriptionDownload
28.04.2017 23:05:01CSV Version of the Volume and Turnover list

 On OrderbookOff OrderbookLiquidnet (SLS)SwissAtMidTotalT-1 DP Reports
Type of SecurityVolumeTurnoverVolumeTurnoverVolumeTurnoverVolumeTurnoverVolumeTurnoverVolumeTurnover

SIX Swiss Exchange
Swiss Blue Chip Shares 70.5503'685.7583.881228.5340.21439.6440.1839.74274.8283'963.6780.19815.532
Mid & Small Caps Swiss Shares 14.797757.1020.45513.1650.0061.2040.0161.61815.273773.0880.0111.140
Foreign Shares1.14755.2340.0090.5550.2611.7260.0150.9471.43158.462  
Sponsored Foreign Shares 0.0991.8830.2524.8640.0040.510  0.3557.257  
Bonds - CHF55.77158.05240.83542.320    96.606100.372257.570271.262
Bonds - Non CHF0.0950.068      0.0950.068  
Exchange Traded Funds 5.743226.9661.19772.429    6.940299.3950.55517.557
Investment Funds0.75768.9340.0251.983    0.78270.917  
Sponsored Funds 0.0111.0160.0932.077    0.1033.093  
Exchange Traded Products 0.0410.4590.0161.604    0.0572.063  
Total turnover for all segments4'855.473367.53143.08312.3085'278.394305.490

Structured Products
Leverage 78.77330.1054.1642.145    82.93732.251  
Participation 2.12630.3870.0160.545    2.14230.9320.0615.774
Yield enhancement 14.74715.2933.4623.572    18.20918.865  
Capital protection 0.7150.2180.0200.020    0.7350.239  
Total turnover for all segments76.0046.2820.0000.00082.2865.774

All figures in millions. Turnover currency is CHF.

You can find further information in the section exchange statistics.